“Zum Engel” - the Angel Inn

Klaus und Michaele Steiert
Alpersbach 14
79856 Hinterzarten
Tel.: +49 7652 1539


Restaurant: opening times:

Open from 11.00 hours
The kitchen is open 12.00 – 20.30 hours
(from 14.00 – 18.00 hours, only snacks are available)
The restaurant is closed on Thursdays and Fridays
Fridays open from 17.30 hours

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Gasthaus zum Engel -

the inn providing heavenly relaxation for the whole family.

Arrive and feel immediately at home – the “Engel” is located at 1,030 m, in the most beautiful part of the High Black Forest, in wonderfully unspoilt countryside.

Here at the Engel you will find a family holiday paradise – heavenly peace and quiet, beautiful landscape, delicious specialities from the Baden region, comfortable rooms furnished in the Black Forest country style.

We are members of the “Naturpark Wirte” association of landlords and also of the “Schmeck den Süden” (Taste the south) association of restaurant owners and we thus use much local produce from our own region.

Herzlich willkommen im Gasthaus "Zum Engel"

See you soon in the Black Forest,


    and their Engel team

Picture gallery -

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  • Aussicht vom "Engel" in Hinterzarten
  • Schwarzwaldweiher beim "Engel" Hinterzarten
  • Gasthaus zum Engel in Hinterzarten, Schwarzwald
  • Gasthaus zum Engel in Hinterzarten, Schwarzwald
  • Gasthaus zum Engel in Hinterzarten, Schwarzwald
  • Pferde im Schwarzwald
  • Ziegen beim "Engel" in Hinterzarten
  • Gasthaus zum Engel in Hinterzarten, Schwarzwald
  • Pferdekutsche beim "Engel" in Hinterzarten, Schwarzwald
  • Kapelle beim "Engel" in Hinterzarten, Schwarzwald
  • Gemütliche Sitzbank beim "Engel" in Hinterzarten
  • Gasthaus zum Engel in Hinterzarten, Schwarzwald

The ENGEL history

The traditional and the modern to welcome you

Der "Engel" anno dazumal

The ENGEL inn is located in the Alpersbach district of Hinterzarten at 1,030 m altitude. It was in 1446 that the “Kaspelhof”, as it was then called, was first mentioned in records.

The inn was given its name only a good 150 years later when Caspar Steinhart took over the building in 1603. As time went by “Caspar’s Hof” became “Kaspershof” and then “Kaspelhof” in accordance with the local dialect.

The first licence was granted to Josef Steierl in 1837. He opened a pub on his farm. The legal right to keep an inn was passed down henceforward from one farmer to the next.
When Paul and Sophie Steierl, the grandparents of the present owner, took over “Kaspelhof” in 1928, the inn was already known as the “Engel” to its guests. How the inn got this popular name is no longer known. It was Paul Steierl who opened the first guestrooms.

On 29 August 1949 he had the shocking experience of seeing the farm go up in flames within a few minutes. He was, however, able to rebuild it in a surprisingly short time and, before Christmas, on 20 December, the family moved into the new “Kaspelhof”. In 1962, Albert and Gertrud Steierl, Klaus Steierl’s parents, succeeded Paul and Sophie Steierl in the Engel.

Today’s innkeepers, Klaus and Michaele Steierl, have run the Engel since 1992 with great creativity, commitment and passion. Under their management, the inn with its 12 guestrooms and pleasant restaurant has come to be what you can see and enjoy today.

The next generation has also decided to go in for gastronomy. Their sons Christopher and Adrian have both trained as cooks, their daughter Hanna is studying restaurant management.

  • Der "Engel" anno dazumal
  • Der "Engel" anno dazumal
  • Der "Engel" anno dazumal
  • Der "Engel" im Wandel der Zeit